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Well Cover

[Oak, clear finish]

Facts relating to this recently reinstated well have been carved around the edge.

Spice Boxes


Set of 6. Based on a traditional Indian spice box, the client commissioned these as gifts for members of her family. Each recipient's name is engraved inside the lid.


Built in accordance with plans published by Tiggywinkles.

Hedgehog house.jpg

Toy Castle

[Various materials]

The rocky outcrop upon which this residence stands is papier maché, and the walls are taken from an old kitchen unit. If one were to X-ray the main tower, it would be found to have been constructed from an old estate agent's sign! 

Wendy House

Despite the opportunity to include several unusual features (cavity-wall insulation being but one), the main reason for it's construction was that no Wendy houses could be bought with an upstairs that would fit the limited space available. Just as with a grown-up house, the mansard roof offers an elegant solution to what would otherwise be extremely cramped accommodation upstairs.

Guest room reminder

[Plywood, antique finish]

When you have a 12 bedroom property, remembering where each guest is to sleep can be a problem! This piece was commissioned as a Christmas present.

Dolls house

[Painted plywood]

Designer's marker case

[Birch plywood]

This has been made for my own use.


For those who wish to proudly display their prized machine. The example shown is made from oak and provides a small shelf - ideal for placing a helmet. The holder can be adjusted to accommodate either a sloping or horizontal top tube. 

Bike display.jpg

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